Gene Carr UPGRADE ALL D2 , or G-10 - RAZOR SHARP TANK Frame Lock Pocket Knife

Gene Carr UPGRADE  ALL D2 , or G-10 - RAZOR SHARP TANK Frame Lock Pocket Knife


End Date: Sunday Mar-11-2018 22:16:54 PDT
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In addition to the original (BEST) all D-2 stonewash model, I now have them in  BLACK G-10 and TAN G-10.
 Getting directly to the point. All of the Medford Praetorian looking knives under $500 are China knockoffs. Sellers that state otherwise are removed. All are sold by regular sellers.
 All but me.
I am not only a regular seller, I build, repair, restore and collect knives for a living. I am old and do not charge much because I enjoy what I do.
In addition to the original all D2 stonewash model, I now have them in  BLACK G-10 and TAN G-10.
Please leave a note at checkout if you want the Black or Tan G-10 show side. We are almost out of black G-10 so that option will soon disappear. 

 I am the only one that sells the full D2 steel blade and frame model, not cheaper ones claiming to be fancy steel. Most I have bought using my spy account are 440 stainless. Good for razor blades but hacking off a pair of antlers will dull it.
Since I have been asked about the last picture a couple of times, that is my 1960's Rockwell metal hardness tester.

To make this knife a superior value, I do the following upgrades making mine the BEST for the money. 

(1) Disassemble and toss away the fast wearing brass washers and replace with bronze washers.

(2) Give the just okay factory edge and nearly blunt point a complete new razor sharp profile and a blood inducing point. 
Warning!!! Test this blade on paper first! Run your thumb over a blade that I state is razor sharp and you will see bone. 

(3) The jimping on the clone is very rough on the thumbs. I machine off those rough China edges so they do not bite and cut you fingers.

(4) Machine lock angle on rear of blade so that you can push lock A SECOND TIME to 100% engage to take away lock slippage during heavy use. Liner lock  knives are not recommended for hunting or HD use because partially engaged locks are prone to slippage and that is dangerous. 
Frame locks that are tuned to fully engage the blade are very dependable locking and will not let you down. 
Even though this knife does not sling open like a switchblade, you will feel secure with my my 100% secure lock down.

(5) Reassemble and correctly torque screws with Loctite. Direct from China, the screws are not correctly torqued and are often loose. 


Bottom line. While charging just a bit more than the average sellers " Praetorian" fake, the improvements I make are well worth it.
Or stay cheap. Just don/t expect it to pop hair and do expect that brass to start wiggling loose soon after a few uses as shown on youtube videos. Do expect the unfinished version to hurt your thumb because of the sharp edges.
This sale is NOT for a Medford Praetorian, it is for a Medford Praetorian looking knife. A genuine costs $600.
 Many China knives cannot be rebuilt. This one can and I do it right. 
Although the ALL D2 is the most popular and recommended, since I added the 2 G-10 handle knives, please leave a message so I know which one you want. Other sellers charge more for the BLACK G-10. Not me, all are the same low price.

Ebay saves your bought items but you might want to print this one as MY warranty is 1 year replacement except for deliberate abuse. This warranty is not a ticket to a resharpened knife but if you want it resharpened by be, any time during the 2 year period, just pay 2 way shipping, about $5.20 and just $6.99 and you get it back as sharp as new.